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Upcoming Trips & Events - Calendar 2018
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Please see the Phoenix Society Travel Mission, Goal and Policy below the calendar
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**Note: the change in procedure for trip/Event write-ups**

We will be pointing the write-up for each trip/event on the calendar to the current Post Crypt.  All of the tips have a very nice write-up in the Post Crypt and it is on-line on the website.  This will stop the duplication of effort for each trip and enable the the sponsor to have one point of contact to get it published.  This will also enable you the user to save and or print the information you may want if desired.  The list of trips/events coming up will still also be here, it is only the follow up information that is effected.

Trips and Events Sponsored by Hilda Mathieu and the Office Staff


NCMF 2018 Spring Cryptologic Program Featuring Liza Mundy

14 March 2018
Discover Scotland 15 - 25 April 2018
Phoenix Society/Road Scholar Adventure Afloat: Great Lakes by Small Ship 11 - 22 June 2018
Maritimes Coastal Wonders 26 September - 6 October

Trips and Events Sponsored by Hilda Mathieu and the Office Staff

"Get Away from Winter" Cruise 12 - 18 February
Peru: Ancient Land of Mysteries 27 April - 6 May

When events include bus transportation the overflow parking lot adjacent to the National Cryptologic Museum will be used for parking for weekend trips and NBP parking lot for day trips.

Phoenix Society Travel Mission, Goal and Policy

Mission of the Travel Committee – Our mission is to ensure that the Phoenix Society offers a wide variety of domestic and international travel opportunities that provide recreational, entertainment and continued learning experiences for our members and their guests, as well as enabling the renewal of old friendships and fostering new.
Goal - Travel opportunities shall be planned to accommodate a range of interests of the members. Membership suggestions and preferences will be routinely sought out and summarized to support the assessment of changing membership travel interests. Over the course of a year, travel opportunities that are offered are expected to range from single day to multi-day trips; include trips via motor coach, plane, train and ship; include commercially available trips offered by a variety of professional travel services for which our own members have offered to serve as group leaders, and to aperiodically include specially developed trips which have been customized by a society member working with professional travel services to provide an itinerary that is tailored to the experiences, locales and financial preferences of our members. All travel opportunities shall be advertised to the membership via emails, the Phoenix Society webpage and the PostCrypt.
Travel Policy - Given the variety of itineraries and travel modes associated with the trips being offered, every trip may not be appropriate for every member. For the benefit of everyone involved in trips sponsored by the Phoenix Society, our participants are expected to carefully self-assess their ability to handle the rigors of any specific trip itinerary, especially if there is a history of mobility or health issues that would impact the enjoyment of the entire trip by either the group as a whole or the individual traveler. Phoenix Society trip leaders will be held to the same standards as those specified for all participants in a given trip.
Trips which involve extensive walking over uneven terrain, or any form of rigorous physical activity that may challenge the physical capabilities of participants shall be identified as such when the trip is advertised, and reservation forms for such trips shall require the signature of the participant acknowledging awareness of the physical rigors of the trip and an intention to fully participate in the planned activities.
In consideration of all participants, those who are physically limited/handicapped but are able to handle the trip’s published itinerary with the assistance of a spouse, traveling partner or paid companion will be required to include the assisting individual as a fully paid member of his/her traveling party, and provide the assistant’s signed acknowledgement of his/her role and responsibilities during the trip.
Inasmuch as the Phoenix Society makes available trips which are arranged by a variety of service providers, the trip policies of any travel agency through which a trip is arranged shall take precedence over the above. Phoenix Society members who are serving as group leaders on trips supported by travel agencies may elect to either accept any standard travel industry trip discounts for their services or to apply such discounts to benefit the travel of the membership at large.
Liability for Travel Events – All trip advertisements and reservation forms shall state:
Liability: Phoenix Society, Inc. disclaims all liability for injury, damage, loss, accident or delay in carrying out tour arrangements. Phoenix Society, Inc. is not serving as an agent for any person or company.



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